Tank Services

Tank Services

PK’s Tank Services offer a signficant & recognizable cost savings through the use of a multi-functional tank services, 20+ years of high value industrial coatings experience, industry leading safety & inspection services, innovative technology and world recognized SME’s to execute projects safely, with the high degree of quality that PK is known for.

Reduce Downtime, Reduce Cost

PK Industrial is your answer to innovative & state-of-the-art Tank Services as a comprehensive package or stand alone solution.
By coupling the business units of PK companies in a combined turnkey approach, or choosing a service(s) that best suits your needs, we can reduce tank outage time to a fraction of the time of traditional methods.

  • Tank API 653 Inspections & Reporting
  • Seal Inspection & Repair
  • Safety / Rescue Services for Tank Entry & Safety Personnel to Support Associated Work
  • Repair Recommendations if Welding & Cutting are Required
  • Interior & Exterior Tank Coating
Stand Alone Solutions
Choose your service(s)…

Tank API 653 Inspections utilizing PK’s Mobile Technology

  • Provides real-time reporting through intelliSPEC™
  • Transparency of data
  • Repair recommendations

Seal Inspection and Repair

Integrated Safety Services

  • Professional Safety Attendants
  • Breathing Air provisions
  • Technical Rescue Teams
  • EMT Certified Personnel
  • Rope Access

Interior / Exterior Tank Coatings

  • Exclusive applicators certified & trained by multiple manufacturers
  • On-site NACE Level QA / QC
  • State-of-the-art application equipment, ie; plural component pumps
  • 20+ years industrial Coatings Applications Experts
The All Inclusive Solution

How it works…

PK will perform the tank inspections utilizing our mobile technology, intelliSPEC™ & immediately provide real-time reports to the client allowing for a faster turnaround time enabling the client to make crucial decisions creating both a short & long-term repair program.
Interior & exterior coatings will be applied using the latest technology for surface prep (Blastrac), thick coat liners (plural component) & other specialty coatings.
PK will handle all the safety & rescue needs throughout the entire process, utilizing our designated OHSP Safety Representatives.
PK will offer a proprietary software maintenance program that will inform the owners when future inspections come due & when inspections are complete in real-time for client review & action.
PK has the ability to merge all services into a complete Tank Management program, or offer stand alone services.

Signficant savings on mobilization, cost and schedule may be achieved by utilizing PK’s All inclusive Solution or coupling stand alone service options that best suit your project.

Cost Comparison of PK’s Tank Service vs. Conventional Methods on a 150,000 BBL CRT with Bottom Replacement

PK Tank Services

Not only is this a signficant savings in time “out of service”, there is also an associated cost savings in the inspection, repair & coating of the tank. While every tank is different & timelines may vary, compared to the conventional approach, PK’s Tank Services can produce significant savings, depending on the appurtenances associated to the tank.

Conventional Method

Utilizing the conventional method for inspection, repairs, safety services & coatings will require that the tank remain out of service for approximately 91.2 days.